Bridge Website

You can access the bridge website at:

It takes ~20 minutes to bridge from Ethereum to Solana, where you funds won't be on any of your wallets.

It takes ~2 minutes to bridge back from Solana to Ethereum.

Example: Ethereum to Solana

  1. You need to connect an EVM wallet

  1. You also need to connect a Solana wallet

  1. Input the amount and then you need to give an allowance to the bridge to be able to proceed with the migration.

  1. Once the approval is executed, you can bridge! This step will transfer your BORG from the source chain to the destination chain.

  1. You need to wait for the bridging to happen, it takes 20 minutes from Ethereum to Solana and 2 minutes from Solana to Ethereum.

  1. On the website, you can also see your pending transactions with their estimated time of completion as well as your previous transactions.

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