1. 1.
    You need to approve your CHSB to be spent by the migrator.
On the CHSB contract, select "Write Contract", use the method approve and pass as parameters:
  • spender: 0xaA854688caAB725fe17b7D21b46fDA5AF365985a
  • value: <your amount of CHSB with 8 decimals>
For example, to migrate 100 CHSB, you have to put the value 10000000000 (100 followed by 8 zeros).
  1. 2.
    You can migrate!
On the migrator contract, select "Write as Proxy", use the method migrate and pass as parameters:
  • amount: <your amount of CHSB with 8 decimals>
This is the same amount that you passed before. Once the transaction is executed, your BORG will be automatically sent to your wallet.